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The Soul behind the Scent at Il Profvmo

With a destiny as star-crossed as her fragrances, Silvana Casoli is the defining name of ‘Il Profvmo’.

by Christina Hambi 21 June 2018

The fragrance brand that Casoli created and that is now part of Valmont Group, leading international company in the cosmetic field. Working on ‘Il Profvmo’ from 1977 Silvana has experimented with every combination possible always intertwining science and fantasy.

We sat down with Silvana, to delve into the soul behind the smells. Telling us about her early life she describes her early life as colourful and perfumed with flowers, plants and green pastures. “All my surrounding had a profound influence on training my nose and my thoughts of looking to nature as an element of pleasure.’

Silvana Casoli 1

‘I was lead into this world,’, states Casoli, ‘due to the natural education during my younger years. I was able to put into practice the affection I had, as a young girl, for wild smells; like moss and cut grass.’

When asked if all these life experiences go into forming the basis of a new fragrance Silvana never calculates her steps. ‘You cannot write the components of perfume. It has to first be inspired. A great perfume is conceived from the point where moments of impulse and meditation meet and lead you to a natural conclusion. Fragrance is a woman’s second skin. It leaves an invisible yet resounding message that resonates across the body, preserving in time dear memories of places and passions.’

IL PROFVMO corner at La Maison Valmont Berlin 1

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Il Profvmo’s latest project has been a series of fragrances with a theme taken from the Bard, William Shakespeare. Silvana’s interest for this wondrous world grew organically from her curiosity for theatre. ‘From a whispered word to raising one’s voice, with opposites of enchantment and love, full of unexpected twists. I was intrigued to dedicate a story of fragrance to the protagonists that epitomise the essences of the brand that I hold dear.’ Thus emerged the Shakespeare trilogy - a series of tributes to the bard’s greatest lovers with exclusive limited editions in Murano glass conceived by Didier Guillon, President and artistic director of Valmont Group. In 2016, Othello stirs his destructive passion with woody and floral notes. In 2017, Lysander expresses optimistic and faithful love in a contemporary vetiver composition. In 2018, the last creation Romeo, available for sale from next September, overcomes all obstacles in a leather and tobacco accord.

Silvana fragrance for IL PROFVMO 20 years

To find out more about Silvana Casoli and the Il Profvmo brand, visit their website.