Top Beauty Finds for 2018 Featured

A beauty regime doesn't need to be a vein one. Travelling, working long hours and late nights all have an affect on our bodies, so it's important we give it the TLC it needs. We've tried and tested the stores for the latest smart beauty products that you too can add to your cosmetics cupboard this year. 

by 30 January 2018

YSL Beauty Touche Éclat All-in-One glow foundation
Winter can weather our skin in numerous ways, we’re left with lifeless, dull skin and no amount of product seems to do the trick. Yves Saint Laurent’s original Touche Éclat just got an upgrade, for those who like the feel of a tinted moisturiser with a bit of extra coverage then this will be your new bestie. Made with 70% water this will not only hydrate your skin but will give you the coverage you need.

YSL 3155 TE AllinOneGlow Foundation 843x544 01

Philosophy Ultimate Miracle Worker Fix
This powerful formula will boost even the most tired eyes. Packed with skin rejuvenators, vitamin C, caffeine, spf for protection and defence against ageing your eye area will be left smoother, less puffy with reduced sign of wrinkles. This little gem will give you a refresh post late night or long haul flight.

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Hairstory New Wash
'If only I could use just one product on my hair!', I hear you cry - well now you can. Former founder of Bumble and Bumble, Michael Gordon created Hairstory, the future of hairwashing. Gordon's plan was to reinvent the way in which we wash our hair, products that lather up a treat once massaged are in fact causing more harm than good to our locks. New Wash, formulated from just a handful of natural ingredients does the job in just one product. You’ll find your hair is left stronger, thicker and cleaner for longer that you won’t want to use any other product again.

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Sand & Sky Australian Clay Mask
Even those of us blessed with the clearest of skin can still feel the effects from extremities of pollution in the city, particularly if you’re a frequent traveller. Originating from the purest place on Earth in Australia, this pink clay mask will remove dirt and impurities, reduce pore size and smooth out uneven skin. Leaving you with better skin defence and pores that appear smaller. A pot of goodness that you won’t want to leave home without.

Sand Sky Brilliant Skin Purifying Pink Clay Mask 6990

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Ouai Anti-Frizz Hair Sheets
Used frequently by stylists to reduce static, Ouai’s hair sheets will fight the frizz from humidity and air conditioning whilst leaving you with a healthy shine. Made from a combination of hemp paper, coconut oil and Shea butter there’s no faster fix to healthy hair!

ouai anti frizz sheets image 1024x1024

Have trouble switching off after a long day or during long haul transit? This dreamy lotion not only smells wonderful but will enable you to drift off naturally. Made from calming lavender flower and water, organic cocoa butter and almond oil it's beneficial to your skin whilst leaving you calm and balanced. It’s scent is so enchanting that the passengers beside you may be thanking you for their peaceful sleep too!

sleep lush msn

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