Giorgio Armani Crema Nera Extrema

by 11 June 2010

Product launch of Obsidian-based regenerative skin essential mineral

Supermodels, Lynn Xiong and Lisa S restore their clear, radiant and youthful skin with Giorgio Armani CREMA NERA EXTREMA

June 2010, Hong Kong - Giorgio Armani’s unique CREMA NERA regenerative mineral skincare has always been well-respected. Giorgio Armani Research, in continuously improving its CREMA NERA line of products, has successfully formulated the new CREMA NERA EXTREMA from “survival” active ingredient that grows in the craters of active offshore volcanoes.

CREMA NERA EXTREMA consists of a unique formula which has a triple recovery effect on the signs of ageing. EXTREMA is a “survival” active ingredient that provides effective anti-ageing protection for skin cells and DNA, and shields them against the harmful effects of free radicals. Together with CRYSTAL COMPLEX which combats pigmentary marks and OMC3 to promote firmness.

And in Giorgio Armani’s new CREMA NERA EXTREMA press launch on June 2, supermodels Lynn Xiong and Lisa S shared their unique beauty experiences from using CREMA NERA EXTREMA.

Present at the product debut were Ms Eva Yu, General Manager, Ms Juliana Chung, Deputy General Manager of L'Oreal HK Luxury Product Division, and Ms Katy Tsang, Brand Manager of GIORGIO ARMANI. Also present with Dr Veronique Guillou, Worldwide Director of Skin Care Development for Giorgio Armani. Together with the supermodels, they assembled a six-piece puzzle that introduced and represented the ingredient as well as the beauty benefit of CREMA NERA EXTREMA.

The press launch marked the world’s first screening of Giorgio Armani’s CREMA NERA EXTREMA video. During beauty sharing, Lynn Xiong and Lisa S revealed the use of CREMA NERA EXTREMA and their valuable beauty and skincare tips.

The two supermodels often face extreme environments and long working hours. “I would normally drink plenty of water, especially when moisture losses even faster during summer. It is very important not to let your skin dry out,” said Lisa S.

With her fair complexion, Lynn Xiong suggested to avoid too much exposure to harmful elements.

“If you have fairer skin, pigmentary marks can be formed more easily, and visibly, that’s why you need to consider complete sun care to protect your skin cells from harmful effects," she said.

Thirty six minutes of exposure to UV rays is enough to generate free radicals, which are capable of irreparable damage to the skin cells and their DNA. Day after day, these attacks contribute to the principal signs of ageing: wrinkles, brown spots and loss of firmness.

"CREMA NERA EXTREMA is the ultimate protection shield against UV damage," added Lynn Xiong. “It can significantly reduce the harmful effects of oxidative stress, and provide effective protection for skin cells and DNA.”

As a CREMA NERA skincare fan, Lyn Xiong continued, “CREMA NERA’s formula gives skin cells the energy and metabolism to combat the first signs of ageing.

Even upon first application, the skin immediately becomes softer, fresher and brighter. After 4 weeks of use, skin becomes rejuvenated, and visibly younger.”

“CREMA NERA EXTREMA’s anti-pigmentary active ingredients Vitamin CG, and stabilised Vitamin C is transformed into pure Vitamin C once applied on skin, and reduces melanin synthesis and its transfer. Because the skin is not prone to brown spots, it will make your skin bright, radiant and toned,” added Lisa S enthusiastically.

The CREMA NERA EXTREMA further boost the effectiveness of the existing CREMA NERA skincare line. In an 8 week trial assessment by 40 women, 100% agreed with the statement, that: “My skin is more translucent.” GIORGIO ARMANI’s CREMA NERA EXTREMA made a sparkling debut launch on 1 June 2010.

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