Getting in Touch with the Beauty Elements

Diamonds are not only for icing your neck. Get in touch with the elements and these earthy inspired beauty products. 

by 18 August 2017

Ancient greeks were known for their inventive beauty techniques that included everything from dousing themselves in olive oil for mositure, honey for anti bacterial treatments and lemon as a natural hair dye. We've come a long way from kitchen products and can't help but spend hours at the zoo, often disguised as a department store beauty floors. It's hard not to get excited about the newest healing skin creme or eau de toilette that can make you smell like a Victorian princess. Return to the grounded roots of beauty profucts with these natural inspired facial treatments and luxury scents from your favourite brands. 

Re-Nitriv Ultimate Diamond Transformative Thermal Ritual by Estée Lauder

Re NutrivUltimateDiamondThermalMask AdProduct Global ExpirySeptember2018

The new Re-Nutriv Ultimate Diamond Transformative Thermal Ritual from Estée Lauder brings together three exciting new products that work in conjuction to bring you the most plump and vibrat version of your skin you have ever seen. The Ultra-Rich Massage Mask is reccomended as the first step of this nightly invigorating skin treatement. The mask includes Black Diamond Truffle Extract, Vitamin C and Green Algae which works to energize skin's vitality. To poceed with the skin ritual properly, the set comes with a hot stone to be placed in water, then massaged over the skin creme on your face. The custom designed shape of the stone helps to work in th product and leave you with invigorated skin. 

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The English Oak by Jo Malone

JML English OakHazelnut 100ml

Master perfumier, Jo Malone has released its two newest fragrances inspired by the wise and spellbinding, English Oak Tree. The English Oak & Redcurrant scent is bright, powerful and uses a touch of rose. On the other scent spectrum, there is English Oak & Hazelnut, which is more earthy, and has hints of cedarwood. These woodsy scents take you back to your roots of pure, unadulterated bliss. 

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Noir Anthracite by Tom Ford


This Noir fragrance by Tom Fords combines all of the most captivating and woodsy scents to create an intoxicating scent to wear from day to night. At first, hints of bergamot are unlocked that turn into rich florals and patchouli. This primal and luxurios scent will have you smelling fantastic. 

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