Eco-Chic: Eco-Friendly Beauty Brands

Help the environment when try these eco-friendly and earth-concious cosmetics brands.

by 04 August 2017


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Beautycounter's founder started the company as a way to provide safe, healthy beauty products free from the harmful and potentially dangerous chemicals found in most modern cosmetics. Along with a commitment to providing healthy beauty products, Beautycounter is also an earth-friendly brand that only uses the finest quality ingredients.

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Dr. Hauschka

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Certified natural, organic and cruelty-free, Dr. Hauschka's beauty and skincare products are a staple for anyone looking for natural beauty options that do not negatively impact the Earth. If you have sensitive skin and are prone to breakouts, this might be the right choice for you.

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Juice Beauty

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Ditch synthetic chemicals as well as dangerous byproducts from unsafe sourcing and production methods, and opt for a beauty regime that is natural, pure and rejuvenating. With clinically validated results, Juice Beauty cosmetics are equal to or even better than most of the standard beauty brands on the market. Treat your skin well and try any of Juice Beauty's skin creams, moisturisers, or eyeshadows.

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Ecco-Bella, or Behold Beautiful, is devoted to creating eco-friendly, cruelty-free beauty products for every skin type. Although Ecco-Bella produces every cosmetic imaginable, many customers swear by this green company's skin care line and its website's helpful tips and tricks. Don't be afraid to walk outside your home without makeup after using any of Ecco-Bella's fantastic products.

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Beauty Without Cruelty

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Usually, the word vegan doesn't conjure up images of beauty products. Beauty Without Cruelty, however, is just that: a vegan cosmetics producer. With only the finest quality ingredients and an emphasis on the environment, Beauty Without Cruelty is the perfect stop for someone looking to find a beauty brand that uses only plant-based ingredients found in nature.

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Don't lose professional quality when you're looking to try eco-friendly beauty brands. NYX blends the glitz and glamour of high fashion with the practical, everyday necessities to create fabulous products used by both professionals and teenage experimenters alike.

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Tarte Cosmetics

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This self-described eco-chic brand offers all natural products presented in trendy designs and glamorous packaging. With everything from sweat proof makeup to sunscreen, this is your one-stop-shopping destination for any natural beauty product you might want. Word of advice: make sure that you keep Tarte Cosmetics on your "must-try" list, you won't regret it.

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Yes To

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Avoid breaking the bank with Yes To's fantastic makeup products made from fruits, veggies and other natural ingredients. Yes To also emphasises the importance of recycling and uses recyclable materials in their production process. Shop based on your skin type and sensitivity and never feel uncomfortable asking for more information about a product--the company is always happy to help.

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