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A remarkable formula in which impeccable accommodation and facilities enhance expert medical treatment.



22 February 2017

After you’ve checked in, a guest relations expert will lead you to your beautiful room with breathtaking views of the lake and the mountains. You will hear about the facilities available, and you can provide information on any specific dietary requirements. You learn about the excellent restaurants and cafés, ideal for sampling some culinary delights or just sharing a coffee with family and friends.


We’re not talking about a luxury hotel, but a hospital. Or rather, a network of 16 Swiss private hospitals and over 100 specialist institutes, with addresses in many of Switzerland's most iconic locations. Hirslanden is one of the largest private hospital groups in Europe, and its approach is based on the concept that for optimum healing, a patient should feel supported at all times, with dedicated care in a comfortable and inspiring environment. If necessary, hospitality can be arranged for the patient’s family, considering that certain procedures may require recovery times of several weeks. Hirslanden works in collaboration with top hotels in many locations to provide the optimum combination of health care and seamless accommodation.


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Hirslanden has an international outlook, but it is very much an expression of the nation. Switzerland has been famous worldwide for its unique healthcare and service system for over a century. From the early 19th century on, patients from all around Europe arrived to benefit from medical treatment whose unparalleled efficacy could often prove crucial in combatting their illnesses. Today, at Hirslanden patients arrive from all over the world for specialised treatments, operations, convalescence and check-ups. At the same time, the Group also attracts the finest doctors and surgeons who are themselves searching for the standards of clinical and nursing care that Hirslanden can offer.



For a patient from abroad, a dedicated team of nine specialists is allocated to handle all aspects of the stay, from arrival to final check out. Every patient receives personalised service, and the team of doctors, as well as the guest relations staff, tailor treatments to the guest’s individual needs. Hirslanden has been committed to excellence and quality for over twenty years, and it has consolidated an enviable reputation for its excellence in health care. Each of the hospitals has its own character and style, but they all share certain fundamental characteristics: quality health care based on state-of-the-art medical infrastructure, and a personal atmosphere in which privacy is a prime consideration.