IL PROFVMO Unwraps The Magnetic Masterpiece of Othello

Through the mix of madness and tragedy within, the scent indulges sophisticated art and perfume collectors around the world.

by 04 November 2016

As creator and perfume expert of the IL PROFVMO brand, Silvana Casoli drew inspiration from the power of love within William Shakespeare’s Othello. Taking place in Venice, the story of passionate Othello carries throughout three acts in which the perfume unfolds.

CasoliSilvana Casoli

The idea to reinterpret the mythical legend by Shakespeare first originated by Didier Guillon, Artistic Director and President of Valmont Group, as well as owner of IL PROFVMO. It was he who invited Silvana Casoli to add the artistic visions through the innovative implementation of oud wood. Ever since Casoli’s creation of the brand IL PROFVMO, she has decided to develop innovative perfumes to respond to “socio-olfactory needs” and pay tribute to elements of nature. This is the first time in Casoli’s career that she has utilised oud wood, a monumental material for sculpting.

The story of Othello unwraps itself as the olfactory art releases an eruption of Moroccan mandarin and Sicilian lemon, accompanied by the depths of Brazilian passionfruit. Passion meets fresh as floral and wood gives structure and body to the art. Beginning from the outside layer, sage resembles the Mediterranean roots while vetiver and silver birch add subtle accents from within. The experience transforms into milky scents from an Italian moonflower.


Othello begins to flare as the final note commences the deep and mystifying reflection into Othello’s soul. Oriental opulence meets notes of patchouli and a hint of oud. Traces of rose honey escape from the jewel and create an aura of deep sensuality. Because the greatest of love is untouchable, nodes of ivy complete the composition of this baroque, theatrical, yet powerful perfume.

Artistic director, Didier chose to incorporate minimalism as he played with geometric volumes, purified lines, and materials composed of both a raw and polished base. This radical sculpture is simple with power and elegance radiating from within. Didier brings light to the scent by choosing Shakespeare’s iconic colour, amber. Glassmaker Leonardo Cimolin has encased the scent with a simple appearance made of Murano glass. The glass encases the perfume, which rests comfortably in burgundy leather.   

glass bottleMurano glass

50 numbered copies of Othello are available to be collected by the most sophisticated of gentlemen.