A Spin On The 90’s: Aveda Master Jam Europe 2016

Aveda Creative Director, Antoinette Beenders reinterprets the 90’s look with a modernised vision

by 24 October 2016

Each year, Aveda hosts events throughout the world to bring the latest technology, styles, and innovations from behind the scenes. On October 10th, Aveda Artists from around the globe gathered Milan in for the Aveda Master Jam Europe 2016. Highlighted in the educational and artistic events was the presentation of Antoinette Beenders, Aveda Global Creative Director. Beenders inspired the audience with Club Chic, a modern twist on the 1990’s supermodel club girl look.

30217410241 1910f6dd8c o1990's inspired looks

“My last few collections were quite avant-garde so this time I decided to turn everything upside down and produce a subtle, consumer-friendly collection — all to create something beautiful, while challenging myself as a hairdresser to step outside of my box,” Beenders says.

Aveda, founded in 1978 in Minneapolis, MN, combines the innovation of science with the ancient healing practices of India to develop a holistic treatment for the body. Through respect and sustainable practices, the company has continued to develop their products in keeping with their environmental responsibility in the world.  Aveda was presented with the first Legacy Leaders Award from Cradle to Cradle for their continual demonstration in environmental leadership. Annually, Aveda raises over 44 million dollars to support environmental global projects.

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Beenders’ vision for the new Club Chic style was a ready-to-wear aesthetic that leveraged both superb detailing and rich, attainable styling. Each hair style was designed to hold a classic shape with an edge. Androgyny plays a role in the colouring of each hair style as some looks present a deep brunette with lux sheen. Though each colour may evoke intensity, the added colour is showcased in a subtle look that flows with the natural tone of the hair. Beenders brings an element of effortlessness and coolness throughout each style on the runway.

30217410081 a8bcc9d04a oBeenders demonstrating a graduated styling technique

“The 90s was one of the coolest times in fashion and as we know everything comes back around,” Beenders says. “Club Chic is as much a celebration of that time as it’s a celebration of hair styling. This collection really felt like an opportunity for me to do something very different, and I’m very proud of what resulted from this team.”

Beenders’ presentation also incorporated Cheeky Pop, an artistic tribute to the heritage that encompasses Aveda: Beauty, Wellness, Environment, Fashion and Art. Cheeky Pop was inspired by a recent visit to Andy Warhol’s exhibit in London's Victoria and Albert Museum.

30268266726 1ff457d290 oBright colours and floral patterns to represent the pop movement

In efforts to embody the zeitgeist of the pop art movement, Beenders decorated her Cheeky Pop models with floating flowers and petals that brought life to the organic, floral dresses that naturally swung to the music. Warm tones and shiny colours brought by artist, Mary Serge Hodonou, radiated from each Cheeky Pop model. 

Aveda has gained the trust of many, including Salon and spa professionals worldwide. One can find Aveda products in over 9,000 professional hair salons and spas, as well as in Aveda Experience Centres.