R&R In The Best German Spas Featured

Day spas offer havens of relaxation to counteract the summer heat and LUXOS has picked Germany's best.

by 11 July 2017

Summer is here. This means it’s the right to time to pamper your body and provide some balsam for the soul. Whether alone, with your best friend or sweetheart, day spas are the ideal place for a break, with benefits that easily match those offered by a short vacation. Here, we share with you some of Germany's most exclusive oases of relaxation. Places that help bring back that feeling of summer wellness and banish the autumn blues.

Blue Spa Munich 

Blue Spa Munich

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to enjoy a panoramic aerial view of Munich, with the quiet streets stretching out before you, as you glide through the still waters of a rooftop swimming pool? At the Bayerischer Hof’s Blue Spa, this is possible, and the experience confirms the truth in the old Roman adage ‘Sanus Per Aquam’ (health through water, and – as claimed by some – a possible origin of the word ‘spa’). Designed by starchitect Andrée Putman, the 1,200 square metre Day Spa offers relaxation at the highest level. And not just in the pool, where in good weather a glass roof can be opened, but also by means of the wide range of massages available, performed by specially-trained therapists. Shiatsu, Ayurveda or Hot Stone massages loosen the muscles and clear the mind. Sauna visits can be enhanced by a variety of infusions or Biosauna, treatments developed exclusively for women, whilst a collagen procedure can bring a fresh glow to tired skin. For those seeking something sportier, professionally-led Yoga and Pilates classes are two additional options.  A relaxing hour in the conservatory, in front of an open fire, provides a blissful conclusion to your getaway.


Yi-Spa - Berlin


Near the elegant Hackescher Höfe, one of the most exclusive pieces of real estate in Berlin, there is a unique Day Spa. On entering Yi-Spa, you find yourself immersed in a pink-coloured world of relaxation, and all thoughts of the cold season and its grey tones outside are banished. The spa’s exotic name is a reference to its formula, based on a combination of traditional remedies with natural ingredients. Cosmetic treatments, such as exfoliants and face masks, can include ingredients such as coconut, quark, rice, sesame, tamarind, honey, yogurt, milk and gold, together with exotic fruits. Traditional massage techniques, such as a gently-delivered Royal Thai massage or a Hawaiian Lomi-lomi treatment, promote mental and physical relaxation. For a few hours, Yi-Spa transports visitors into a pleasurable world of warmth and tranquillity, dispelling the stresses and strains of everyday life.

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Sassa B. Day Spa – Hamburg

sassab aussenansicht

Since May 2015, Hamburg harbour has been home to the luxurious Sassa B-SPA. Alexandra Burger, impassioned beautician, pampers her clients from head to toe in light-filled, spacious rooms with a variety of revitalising treatments and massages. For tired skin, she recommends a Drip-Spa Beauty infusion in which high quality vitamins, minerals and nutrients combine to relax and rejuvenate from the inside out. Working with naturopath Patricia Burger, she compiles a treatment plan specific to each customer, which includes detoxification, nutrition and prevention. Treatments can be combined into a package, a Spa Offer designed to meet the needs of even the most demanding clients. Alexandra Burger also has an exclusive range of treatments designed for stressed or careworn businessmen.
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