New Bulgari cosmetics


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07 May 2010

Bulgari have launched new ranges of cosmetics: UV Gem SPF 50, facecream, cell shield and high-factor solar protection; the Escapade Lumière Collection, a practical travel kit containing four products from the Lumière line and a beauty manual; and Jasmine Noir body cream and perfumed soap, in a super luxury edition.

UV Gem SPF50 provides effective protection for the skin in the case of intense exposure to sunlight. It contains sunscreens for UVA and UVB rays, and in addition a powerful antioxidant (Thioneine-EC Complex) that combats free radicals, and Bulgari Gem Essence, which improves  the luminosity of the skin. The latter is a formula based on sapphire, malachite, tourmaline and citrine, and it forms a protective shield on the skin.

The Escapade Lumière Collection is an attractive kit containing four travel-size products in the Lumière range, along with a beauty manual that explains the four phases of thje Lumiere beauty ritual. This utilizes original techniques based on shiatsu, in combination with the active ingredients contained in the products. The products are Gommage Eclat (state-of-the-art scrub), Serum de Lumière (revitalizing serum containing Bulgari Gem Essence), Emulsion de Lumière (a treatment that moisturizes the skin and restores it its natural light), and Regard de Lumière, an eye-surround cream. Bulgari recommends that this treatment be performed morning and evening for maximum luminosity of the skin.

The Jasmin Noir products are based on the discreet but sensual notes of sambac jasmine, in association with satin almond and valuable timber fragrances. The range comprises Body Cream, perfumed soap, and Deo-spray.

The products are available in perfumeries.