In the photos, products in the Skincode Exclusive collection, with ingredients that protect and enhance mature skin In the photos, products in the Skincode Exclusive collection, with ingredients that protect and enhance mature skin Skincode

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Skincode provides everything your skin needs and nothing it doesn’t



16 September 2016

Switzerland has always been famous worldwide for its watch and jewel industries, in which it has become a benchmark for technical standards. It is also renowned for its natural beauty, with dramatic mountains and peaceful lakes that provide a setting in which both locals and guests have been arriving for generations to rest and regenerate in an unpolluted environment. Its clinical care has also become legendary.

Perhaps fewer people know that Switzerland also produces some of the world’s finest skincare products, using the pure and natural ingredients provided by the local habitat along with the scientific excellence in research, development and testing provided by Switzerland’s leading laboratories.

An example is Skincode AG, a company that has attained remarkable levels of success in the combination of scientific innovation, technical efficiency, practical experience, precision, and purity of ingredients. The results are cosmetic products that produce immediate and long-lasting results. Ever since 1998, when Skincode AG was founded by Prinz Niclas Massalsky’s father, the company has remained faithful to its primary mission: to consider the skin as a living organ whose genetic code has to be respected in the products made for its care.

The brand has developed two collections: Skincode Essential and Skincode Exclusive.

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Whatever your type of skin and your age, Skincode products ensure that you will receive ‘everything your skin needs and nothing it doesn’t.’ Products in the Skincode Essentials collection are 100% free from colorants, fragrances, preservatives and animal-derived products, and so they are ideal even for the most sensitive skins. All Skincode products contain GM-Glucan, a key ingredient that helps not only to protect the skin’s own natural defence mechanism, but also to stimulate collagen and elastin production, combating the earliest signs of ageing. Skincode Exclusive was developed specifically to meet the needs of mature skin. These products are all paraben and allergen free, and contain no harmful fragrances. They are dermatologically tested, and they are based on the Active Cellular Regenerating Complex Generation 2, abbreviated to ACR G2. This complex helps speed up natural cell renewal processes, which normally slow with age. Whether you choose the Intensive Care Serum, Eye Care Moisturizers, or 24h Night or Day Care, the results are immediately visible: lines and wrinkles are reduced, and your skin looks fresh and healthy all day long.