Dior Hydra Life BB Cream SPF 20 Dior Hydra Life BB Cream SPF 20

Spring SPFs 2016: Dior Hydra Life BB Cream SPF 20

A light, glowy, natural tint that protects from the sun whilst working like a foundation


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21 April 2016

Light SPFs have long had a bad reputation. Known too often for what they do in addition to protecting your skin - clog the pores of acne sufferers and offer little moisture for dry skin - many people have shied away from them in favour of heavy sun creams or lighter primers. As an oily skin sufferer, I've always had a love/hate relationship with SPFs unless I'm on the beach. Too often they left my skin feeling greasy and shiny by lunchtime.

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However, too many well-meaning relatives and older ladies' recommendations about protecting my skin in my twenties lead me to more and more research about the variety of products on the market. It turns out that there are hundreds that offer all-day protection from UVA and UVB rays, all-the-while attending to the usual daily needs of various skin types. For this week, I've tried and tested a variety of creams and lotions with SPF built in. Here’s LUXOS's guide to the top SPF cosmetics and creams to shield your delicate skin from those vicious UV rays this spring.

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LUXOS-DIOR-covers sku-Y0451430 F045143000 072014Dior Hydra Life

Inspired by Asian beauty rituals and developed in partnership with Dior makeup artists, Hydra Life BB Cream combines the moisturising and protective powers of a skincare product with the UVA/UVB blocking properties of an SPF.

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Tinted moisturisers are a tricky nut to crack, many of them are difficult to match to specific skin tones, too often they make you ghostly or orange with no middle ground. With Hydra Life though, the three shades seem to blend pretty well across the board.

Apply with a round sponge, making sure you also include your neck, for blending as well as SPF protection purposes. Thanks to the creme's new-generation correcting pigments, its conceals imperfections and reduces surface irregularities. If you need more moisture, apply over your usual one, however for oily skins, this is more than enough, if you feel it becomes heavy over the day, fix it with a power straight after application. www.dior.com/hydralife