Daniel Sandler Retexturizing Face Primer SPF 20 Daniel Sandler Retexturizing Face Primer SPF 20

Spring SPFs 2016: Daniel Sandler Retexturizing Face Primer SPF 20

The key to creating a flawless, natural-looking, protected, fresh face is getting the basics right


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20 April 2016

Light SPFs have long had a bad reputation. Known too often for what they do in addition to protecting your skin - clog the pores of acne sufferers and offer little moisture for dry skin - many people have shied away from them in favour of heavy sun creams or lighter primers. As an oily skin sufferer, I've always had a love/hate relationship with SPFs unless I'm on the beach. Too often they left my skin feeling greasy and shiny by lunchtime. However, too many well-meaning relatives and older ladies' recommendations about protecting my skin in my twenties lead me to more and more research about the variety of products on the market. It turns out that there are hundreds that offer all-day protection from UVA and UVB rays, all-the-while attending to the usual daily needs of various skin types.

For this week, I've tried and tested a variety of creams and lotions with SPF built in. Here’s LUXOS's guide to the top SPF cosmetics and creams to shield your delicate skin from those vicious UV rays this spring.

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LUXOS Daniel Sandler Retexturizing Face Primer SPF 20 28g 1372850195Daniel Sandler 

With a broad spectrum SPF20, UVA/UVB protection, this product is so much more than the primer it is marketed as. However, it's merits as a base are excellent: velvety smooth when you apply it, it acts as a moisturising primer, restoring luminosity to the skin and helping foundation to stay put all day. After a few hours wear, no oily breakthrough was visible, making it one of the best primers I've seen in a while.

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The SPF is an excellent addition meaning you don't have to apply sun protection underneath heavy make-up if you're going out. Resulting in a fresh, oil-free feeling all day long. www.danielsandler.com