Beauty essentials for winter weekends away

A grab-and-go bag is an essential mini-break item, but what exactly do you pack in it when you're short for space.


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12 November 2015

The challenge with mini-breaks isn’t cramming clothes into a carry-on, it’s pairing down your beauty routine. Spontaneous weekends away and last minute business trips call for a grab-and-go bag that you never unpack. Not only does this mean you save yourself a lot of cash, not to mention time at the airport pharmacy stocking up on mini-toiletries, it also means that you have a ready-packed stash of beauty treats to unpack for yourself when you arrive.

The key is prioritising. Here are a few tips to make sure you look your best en vacance this season...

Sun/pollutant blocker

Even the hardiest of travellers won’t be immune to havoc changes in temperature and humidity levels can play on your skin, for this reason it’s crucial to protect your skin before you head out sightseeing.

Look for products that have a little SPF and added vitamins and minerals to replenish tired skin. The best of these has to be Clinique City Block (comes in variety of SPFs), which blocks pollutants from the sun, wind, smog and chemicals in the city air. Other favourites include Elizabeth Arden Eight-Hour Stick, perfect if you need heavier protection, or Sarah Chapman Day Cream, which offers light coverage all-day moisture. 

Take one moisturiser only

Rather than switching from day to night creams or from serums to oils, invest a do-it-all beauty stick and leave your usual moisturiser at home. The best of these has to be Earth Tu Face, it fixes all manner of sins from chapped lips, chaffed hands and dry skin after flying. If you need something a little stronger, try Kiehls Daily Reviving Concentrate, a miracle oil that’s packed with vitamins and natural ingredients designed to revive skin after a day in the cold, it’s small enough to keep in your handbag for emergencies.

 newKiehls Daily Reviving Concentrate, Earth Tu Face Skin Stick, Chanel La Crème SublimeLa Roche-Posay Nutric Cream, Caudalie Divine Oil

Hair care

Naturally the best idea is to take a little bottle of shampoo and conditioner with you, but the packing problems start when you try to fit in other styling products and tools. If your hair is fine ditch the conditioner for a day or two and just shampoo, spritz a little Macadamia Weightless Moisture Conditioning Mist, blow-dry and go.

However if your hair is heavy and/or dry combine the hassle of taking oils, conditioners and lotions and simply pack a heavy duty leave in conditioner, John Frieda does great small bottles and Aveda's Dry Remedy is perfect for dried out tresses; use this as your usual conditioner and you shouldn’t require anything else as your hair will be heavy enough to withstand the onset of frizz. 

Handbag essentials

Keeping your hand luggage to a minimum is key, but so is keeping your handbag light while you're out and about: pack minimal make-up, a lip balm, as well as sanitising spray and some hand lotion – this can double up as under eye cream if you can’t live without yours.