New entry amongst celebrity perfumes - Acqua di Gioia


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01 April 2010

The perfumes kingdom has seen the arrival of the new Armani fragrance, Acqua di Gioia. It celebrates women and nature, with powerful terrestrial elements that evoke an image of a strong, serene and free-spirited woman in perfect harmony with nature. The very first notes are fresh and vegetal, within a deliciously heady current of crushed mint, along with a sophisticated lemon zest from the earliest spring blossoms from Calabria. The middle notes see a transformation towards aquatic fragrances, creating a delicate and crystalline focus with Water Jasmine. The base notes of Acqua di Gioia are underscored by LMR (Laboratoires Monique Rémy) Cedarwood, with Brown Sugar, and the plant essence Labdanum, one of the few plants to possess animal notes.

Amongst perfume bottles images the Acqua di Gioia bottle combines the idea of marine waves and a woman's body, in a drop of thick, transparent glass. The bottle is sealed with an intense green top, and the same shade of green also appears in a nuance within the glass.