Forget Photoshop, Dior has created the perfect foundation for taking great selfies

Want to look fantastic in every photo ever taken of you, including all of your selfies?

by 08 September 2014

Diorskin Star foundation is reputedly the beauty world’s first-ever foundation with the goal of making all women look as radiant as celebrities on Instagram. After polling a group of women between the ages of 25 to 44 on their most worrying concerns, Dior discovered that nearly half were very self-conscious about how their skin looks in photos on social media.

Its Star foundation purports to have “light bursting” technology unlike any other by using tiny titanium spheres to break up harsh lighting, beautifully distributing it over the face.

The result according to Dior is a dramatic 24% increase in radiance. The foundation will be available in 16 shades and will also cover redness and repair dark spots.

Here at LUXOS we are fond of a selfie or two so this product sounds amazing. We'll let you know as soon as we've tested.