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New Collection of Lipsticks by May Sum

May Sum the art of lipstick carving

by 14 May 2014

Make-up artist, and illustrator, May Sum, who is known for her beautiful and intrinsic hand-sculpted lipstick figurines of celebrities, has launched her second lipstick art series ‘The Floral Collection’ - the art of lipstick carving with the dynamic colours of flowers, available to purchase for 925 dollars.

VeryFirstTo is also extending the lipstick art service to the public, who may commission a bespoke piece by May Sum - a self-portrait or someone else’s on the lipstick for 875 dollars. Fans will be required to email at least three images (at least 1MB each) showing the front, sides and back of the chosen subject's head, so the likeness may be as accurate as possible.

The first collection of her lipstick art, named 'Fashion Icon' immortalised many famous fashion legends, including Lady Gaga, Princess Diana, Twiggy, Victoria Beckham, among others. The collection comprises elegant pieces, one of which depicts a woman with a floral hat and cascading flowers down the base. Another depicts a vase with beautiful carved flowers on a base of greenery.