Bottling your personality into a scent

Your personality in a jar at Selfridges' Fragrance lab 

by 06 May 2014

You don’t have to be famous to possess your very own signature scent, nowadays. Especially when you can get a 50ml bottle of your own olfactory at London based department store Selfridges.

Selfridges is launching a six-week long ‘The Beauty Project’, where London Studios Campaign and The Future Laboratory have created ‘The Fragrance Lab’.

The Fragrance Lab will conduct a one-of-a-kind profiling to understand your personality based on your responses to a tablet-based questionnaire. Consumers will then move through different spaces with pleasant and unpleasant scents and on the basis of their response to stimuli, the lab assistant will present them with their custom fragrance.

Customers will then receive a fragrance created by industry-leading sensory experts, Givaudan perfumers. 

The scent will not only encapsulate your character but the bottle shape, label and language used to describe the scent will be tailored to your personality.

Consumers will also receive a ‘fragrance prescription’ – outlining the key findings obtained and how these have influenced the final scent choice.

The Fragrance Lab will remain open through June 27.