Milano, a new fragrance by Allard Marx Featured

An eau de cologne that expresses the essence of Milan


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11 February 2014

A fragrance named after a city? ‘Milano’ is an eau de toilette by Allard Marx, which, as stated in the label on the back of the bottle, “was created for you to make you feel at one with the inspirational designers that shaped the trend capital of the world.” A finely-balanced fragrance whose notes are carefully orchestrated to generate a heady mix of notes from top to base. “You will feel sexy, admired, attended to, and at once very present in your surroundings.”

Allard Marx should know, because, though born from Dutch parents, he moved to Milan at the age of two. In a city where fragrances are a constant feature of life, from the irresistible yeasty tangs of bakeries and pastry shops, to the evocative and powerful smells of coffee-roasting cafés, and the unique fragrances that magically hallmark each top-brand boutique, he was enchanted by this particular sensorial experience. As an adult he joined the perfumes profession, but, as he himself says, it was some years until he had enough experience to develop his own fragrances. These were Virtù for men, and Volonté for women.

‘Milano,’ the fragrance, was based on an inspiration that he had during a dinner with a childhood friend in his home city. Even the most inspired ideas are inevitably followed by a lot of hard work, and in this case he had the task of capturing the essence of fashion, which means not just the showrooms and the bright lights of the runway, but also the steel and steam of the iron, the chalk, the fabrics, and the heady combination of fragrances that develops in the city’s fashionable venues. Milano has notes that are powdery, floral yet clean, steely and woody.

You can find Milano by Allard Marx at La Rinascente, the department store on Piazza Duomo in Milan.


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