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17 October 2012

The beneficial effects of seawater have been known since ancient time. Hippocrates (died 377 B.C.) was a Greek physician who discovered that seawater was useful for treating wounds, burns and skin conditions. In the Middle Ages, doctors used seawater to allay injuries and diseases in people returning from the Crusades. During the Second World War, doctors working in the clinics helping pilots who had suffered burns found that those who had bailed out into the sea recovered more quickly than those who had parachuted down over land.

In the 1960s, aerospace physicist Dr. Max Huber was burned during a laboratory accident, and he began conducting personal research in order to help his skin recover. He was particularly interested in Sea Kelp, a seaweed with great nutrient properties, and a remarkable capability of retaining moisture. Over the course of 12 years, 6,000 experiments were performed, leading to the so-called Miracle Broth™, containing a wealth of nutrients. This became the basic ingredient of Crème de la Mer, the first product launched by La Mer.

Moisturizing Soft Cream

Today, La Mer has launched its Moisturizing Soft Cream, a new formula that provides the intense benefits of Crème de la Mer in a soft and silky texture. Its Moisturizing Spheres enable the product to reach the deeper layers of the skin, restoring optimum moisture levels and increasing the skin's natural elasticity and resilience. Clinical tests have shown that moisturization levels are enhanced immediately, while overall skin tone is visibly improved after eight weeks, becoming brighter, younger and more glowing.

The Moisturizing Spheres in The Moisturizing Soft Cream are a microstructural invention in which the lipidic phase of the Miracle Broth is linked to the aqueous phase of Lime Tea Extract, by means of a series of molecular bonds, to create a cream with a remarkably velvety texture. During application, the molecular bonds are released, and the active ingredients are free to be absorbed rapidly into the skin, releasing powerful anti-oxidants and restoring the skin's moisture balance.

Miracle Broth attains its remarkable results on the skin by means of its nutrient ingredients, along with other pure organic substances such as vitamins C, E and B12, and the essential oils of citrus fruits, eucalyptus and alfalfa. In the case of reddened skin, the product calms irritation and allays inflammation.

Lime Tea Extract is one of the original ingredients that Max Huber included in the first Crème de la Mer. It is the perfect complement to Miracle Broth, with a high concentration of anti-oxidants. It acts by neutralizing free radicals to protect the skin from external stress.

The new product is easy to use. Just apply a small quantity to the skin, and massage gently.

The product range comprises The Moisturizing Soft Cream, The Moisturizing Gel Cream (refreshing and ideal for warm climates), the Moisturizing Lotion (with a fluid formula), and the the Oil Absorbing Lotion. The Moisturizing Soft Cream is on sale at €136.00 for 30 ml, and €244.00 for 60 ml.

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