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Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?' With our tips, the answer will be 'you'



08 March 2012

Ever look at the mirror and notice only those pesky wrinkles, the dark spots or that tired look? As time goes by, we can understand why the Evil Queen was jealous of the young princess. Modern discoveries and new treatments have shown that though we cannot stop the passage of time, there are things that can be done to say farewell to signs of ageing.

Since the release of their miraculous Miracle Broth, Crème de la Mer has established a prestige reputation as one of the leading names in skin care. Identifying key ‘problem areas,’ the brand has expanded its product range to meet all types of requirements. When it comes to spots and discolored skin, Blanc de la Mer is the perfect choice. This collection features three powerful ferments that will block and prevent , the appearance of age spots, lighten the marks already present, and leave the skin brighter and glowing. For best results, combine with the Smoothing Ferment, which has been shown to increase the skin’s natural cell renewal process.

Wrinkles are another major sign of ageing, though a daily dose of Dragon’s Blood could help with these problems. The name of this product may sound rather surprising, sounding like an ingredient in a Medieval witch's handbook: however, once you learn that experts at Rodial are behind it, your worries, like your wrinkles will disappear. Dragon’s Blood is made with red sap (hence the blood) from the drago tree, known for its protective properties. Considered a ‘liquid facelift,’ this gel is designed to increase elasticity and reduce saggy skin. Say goodbye to wrinkles and say hello to Dragon’s Blood.

Beauty comes from within. Therefore a balanced mind and body are essential to your wellbeing and of course your appearance. Natura Bissé has taken this a step further with their Diamond Collection. The use of gem extracts in beauty products is not new; these luxury mineral powders are known to improve the skin’s regenerative and energetic processes. Diamond Magnetic combines this positive energy with a cleansing magnetic therapy to leave healthy skin and restore your harmony and balance.

Wouldn’t it be nice to sleep and wake up to younger skin? Now you can achieve just this, with Cellular Power Charge Night from La Prairie. As its name suggests, this product combines age-defying retinol with energizing oxygen to charge your skin cells while you sleep at night. Though you don’t commonly find retinol mixed with oxygen, La Prairie has designed a special bottle that contains both ingredients separately until they are combined by activating the pump when you use this magical formula. Just combine the two solutions, apply, and enjoy sweet dreams while looking ahead to a new dawn.

These innovative techniques can provide truly happy endings in the beauty story. Who knows what developments the chapters still to come will bring?