Dr. Harald Gerny - cosmetic dermatologist in Zurich Featured

Exclusive, rejuvenating skincare products containing highly effective plant stem cells

by 02 December 2011

A youthful, healthy appearance. Who wouldn’t hold this close to their heart? Beauty is not just a matter of aesthetics, but has an effect on our psyche and social life as well. Yet our skin, the largest organ of the human body, undergoes a constant aging process. The sensitive skin of our face, exposed to UV radiation and other harmful environmental factors, demonstrates our age most obviously. However, not everyone wants to turn to plastic surgery as soon as the first signs of aging appear.

Dr. Med. Harald Gerny, an experienced cosmetic dermatologist from Zurich, is a pioneer in developing gentle anti-aging products. Contrary to classic dermatologists he doesn’t just treat skin diseases but also improves the quality of his patients’ epidermis with the aid of medicinal products and treatments.

A groundbreaking innovation in skin-rejuvenating cosmetics is the “Anti-Aging Dr. Gerny” complex that has been developed over many years of research. It is contained, at high concentration, in the in the Cell Premium luxury skincare line. Cosmetic agents in a perfectly balanced combination, partly based on active plant stem cells, reach down to the lowest of the five epidermis layers, unfolding their regenerating power where skin aging starts. Cell renewal is stimulated, the firmness of the skin improved and long-term protection offered. The result is a rejuvenation of the skin that is immediately visible, leaving it glowing. Many dermatologists and beauticians have been convinced by the the beneficial effects of these innovative skincare products, manufactured entirely in Switzerland by Dr. Gerny's company Med Beauty Swiss.

The line comprises seven skincare products, which can already be obtained in several stores in Germany. Addresses can be found at the website www.cellpremium.com. Cell Premium can be ordered online at www.vip-world.ch. Cell Premium is the first luxury cosmetic line offering a 24-hour concierge service for information and orders on +41 (0)44 3502 018. VIP-World members also benefit from attractive offers and promotions as well as professional advice and interesting news.