Aesthetic plastic surgery in Milan Featured

When talking about plastic surgery Dr. Ivan Arruda has some attractive answers

by 11 July 2011

Cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery and reconstructive plastic surgery have close links to personal image and in modelling the way in which we relate to the world. Walking down the streets of Milan, Italy, you'll quickly notice that image is everything. If you find yourself admiring this emphasis on looking and feeling good, keep reading for one of the best kept local secrets. On Via Fontana 25 is where you'll find the consultation office for Dr. Ivan Tome de Arruda, a renowned Brazilian plastic surgeon with patients seeking his services from around the world.

Coming from a family of surgeons, Arruda acquired interest in the medical field from his father and an artistic side from his mother, who loves painting. We found that the most important thing setting him apart is his ability to judge what looks best on a patient. He makes the effort to stand in your shoes and decide what is most appropriate to do.

While already a well-established plastic surgeon in Brazil, he has practiced here for seven years, gaining a solid reputation through positive results and a local media spotlight. He gains further, cutting-edge and up-to-date knowledge through international conferences.

Patients from as nearby as Austria and as far as Russia visit Dr. Arruda during their business and leisure trips. What makes his office so accessible and traveller friendly is that procedures such as face lifts and breast augmentation can be done in a day with a few days of rest. Arruda's innovative techniques such as underarm incisions during breast augmentation ensure that scarring appears natural and discreet. The face lift is another procedure that can be performed efficiently with satisfying results. Afterwards, you generally only need several days of rest before catching a flight. Using local anesthesia and sedation rather than total anesthesia allows for less discomfort and a faster recovery.

In our interview, Arruda emphasized that plastic surgery is no magic potion. While excellent results are what make his practice successful, absolute discretion and professional patient relationships are paramount to him. You can expect a full consultation where you will be given a full picture of what is involved both before and after a procedure, no matter how minor or major.
He shares that the sense of achieving a safe and successful intervention is invaluable, but stressing that he is no Michelangelo working on a piece of marble – pointing out that the human body is a living material that continues to evolve. Thus, the most gratifying aspect of Arruda's job is working with what Mother Nature has given and improving upon it.