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Perfumes that trigger sensation, emotion and desire

by 05 July 2011

"Sometimes, a scent is more evocative than a photo or an image."

Fragrances have that power to transport us back in time… to those lazy summer days at the beach, Sundays at our grandparents' home, the garden before the rain sets in… in short to those beautiful moments that you wish could last forever.

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Anyone who is capable of creating a fragrance that can carry you back to that particular time or place is simply remarkable, and that is exactly what PROFVMVM ROMA is. This small company traces its origins to Celestino Durante, who shortly after World War II, set off with his wife from his native Sant’Elena Sannita to achieve great things in Rome. Shortly after, thanks to his talents he succeeded opening a shop specialized in luxury skincare products, which rapidly acquired popularity, becoming a landmark for Rome in this industry.

As time passed, the family business and the passion that has kept it growing was handed down from father to son and is currently under management of the third generation of the Durante family, Giuseppe, Felice, Luciano and their sister Maria, who in 1996 decided to make a radical turn in the perfume industry. In an era ‘over-exposed’ to commercial fragrances, the Durante family took a step back and analyzed the importance of scents. “[A scent…] It is the trigger for an explosion of sensation, emotion, desire, atmosphere, uncontrollable déjà-vu that spreads, and binds us like honey, until it drowns us in a single moment of wellness…”

Focusing on the emotions associated with scents, the Durante family has broken away from modern conventions and have created their unique fragrances. They began with a story …the smell of their village, grandfather’s aftershave, a boat ride across the canal and brought it to life in a flask. Each fragrance is magically prepared at 43% concentration, which allows it to adapt to our personality, becoming a part of us. A perfume is not only something that you spray on because it has a pleasant smell; it becomes part of your identity. People remember you because of your scent.

Today, PROFVMVM ROMA offers 27 exquisite fragrances with unique experiences. Each recalling a distant journey, memory and personality all of which will become experiences that you will never forget even if you simply have a whiff. Close your eyes and let these scents take you on a journey to those beautiful memories young, old and those soon to come.

The ideal place in which to savour these fragrances is Rome, of course: click on this link to see a list of ProFvmvm Roma boutiques in Rome. The perfumes are also available in other quality perfumeries worldwide.

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