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The latest frontiers in plastic surgery for beauty

by 23 May 2011

How long have we been fascinated by beautiful things? A fascination for beauty has existed as long as mankind, the lure of the physical charms exercising a firm hold on us as long as we can remember. Seduction has known a long history, finding its culmination in the love that may arise from it.

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Love, affection and relationships, so the philosophers tell us, are the best foundations for a fulfilled life. So when thinking about beauty, we quickly dive into deeper waters. And the question “Am I beautiful?” becomes the existential key to one’s happiness. Our physical appearance is determined by a genetic code. Our DNA can’t be changed, but our appearance can be gently altered, with precision and a good eye for aesthetics.

“As far back as in ancient Egypt people were concerned with beauty, with milk baths, masks and powder. The desire for beauty is not a modern phenomenon”. For Mr. Sina Djalaei good looks are a social paradigm nowadays. A specialist in cosmetic surgery, he advises many patients, for whom these issues are nothing out of the ordinary. “Today 30% of my patients are men. They have found out for themselves that beauty plays an important role”.

We have come to accept that pondering about beauty is not just perfectly legitimate, but that beauty is also a phenomenon associated with power and success. The options at our hands to accomplish physical attractiveness have evolved quite substantially since the days of Roman baths and Cleopatra’s sensually painted lips.

Mr. Djalaei specialises in achieving maximum effect with minimal invasion and with the slightest changes. Looking back on many years of experience in the field of aesthetic medicine, he has developed his own method of facial analysis. Part of the concept is comprehensive advice, followed by therapy tailored to the patient’s needs, using medical and cosmetic agents of excellent quality. Mr. Djalaei works with market-leading products like Juvederm Ultra by Allergan, following the trend of achieving a natural, youthful appearance.

The correction of facial lines and wrinkles with Botulinum toxin or hyaluronan is a safe and almost painless treatment that has been applied on millions of patients worldwide. In Mr. Djalaei’s method, very prominent lines are corrected over several sessions to guarantee a gradual change and natural look. To the outside world the cause for the rejuvenation won’t be apparent, just the effect – and people around you will reward you with compliments. What more could you wish for?

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