Sakura Cherry Blossom by Jo Malone Featured

The UK perfumes brand presents a new limited-edition fragrance for spring 2011

by 26 April 2011

Perfume formulators at Jo Malone were inspired by one of the most beautiful occurrences in the natural world, the flowering of cherry trees. The result is Sakura Cherry Blossom, a fragrance made in a limited edition for spring 2011. The cherry is a tree that grows all over Japan, and in that country it has long been celebrated for its beauty, in poetry and painting. The cherry symbolizes a new start, and cherry blossom, more than any other icon, perfectly expresses the Japanese approach to aesthetics.

The Global General Manager at Jo Malone, Dominic De Vetta, said: "For many years, Japanese poets and artists have paid tribute to the Sakura, the cherry tree. Sakura Cherry Blossom represents the transitory nature of life, and the subtle art and beauty of Japan."
The Jo Malone creative studio worked with perfume formulator Christine Nagel, creating a brilliant interpretation of cherry blossom, utilizing rose petals and mimosa, with accents of bergamot and mandarin. The velvety, fragrant character of the perfume is given added depth and contrast with musk and woods. Christine Nagel said, "Sakura Cherry Blossom is one of the most poetic flowers, translated into a delicate fragrance. The aroma is wonderfully feminine, elegant and soave."

One of the characteristic features of Jo Malone fragrances is the fact that they are formulated in such a way that they can be combined. In fact, each can be used separately, or blended with other colognes, body crèmes and bath oils, for personalized results. The maison has named this "Fragrance Combining." Perfume formulators at Jo Malone suggest a combination of Sakura Cherry Blossom with French Lime Blossom, in which the cherry fragrance enhances the sweet lime scent. In addition, Sakura Cherry Blossom can be blended with Orange Blossom, in which cherry, mimosa and rose add extra delicacy to the citrus scent of clementine flowers.
Sakura Cherry Blossom is available from May 2011, at €42 for a 30 ml bottle, and €84 for a 100 ml bottle.

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