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Cosmetics technology used to turn back the effects of time

by 01 February 2011

How many times have we wished it were possible to turn back time? The search for eternal youth is as old as mankind, and people have tried everything, from magic potions to cosmetic surgery. Our skin is always the most eloquent indicator of our true age, because it is subject to the natural aging process that progressively reduces its inherent elasticity, which in turn leads to the appearance of wrinkles. Our skin reflects our life history, with all the important choices that we have made, which may end up scarring us internally and metaphorically, but which inevitably takes a visible form. Our precious skin is also subject to attack from the environment, with its pollutants, oxidants, and damaging UV radiation. With help from Mother Nature and modern science, new treatments are now available that succeed in reducing the detrimental effects caused by the passage of time, restoring the skin its youthful appearance. This season, Luxos has selected top skincare products that offer promising results.

La Prairie
White Caviar Illuminating Système

La Prairie Swiss formulators introduce their White Caviar Illuminating System trio which contains the regenerative substances contained in caviar. Using extracts from the valuable Golden Imperial Caviar, these products nourish the skin, increasing its firmness and thus reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Each formulation was specifically designed to reactivate certain areas of the skin, improving its condition. It also contains lightening agents in the form of anti-oxidants that reduce melanin formation and prevent brown spots, leaving the skin uniform and glowing.

Source Defense Serum

Bvlgari has taken a more pro-active approach, focusing on boosting cell energy directly. The maison has discovered a link between cell energy and aging, and so its experts have worked on this area to find an anti-aging treatment. As cell activity decreases, the skin's hydration and tone decreases, and wrinkles appear. Source Defense Serum is Bvlgari’s latest skincare solution to neutralize the effects of senescence and boost your skin’s natural defenses.

Orchidee Imperiale

Experts at the House of Guerlain have turned their attention to wild orchids, more specifically Vanda Coerulea, found in almost impossible locations and known for its ability to survive in adverse conditions and its exceptional longevity. They have studied the plant and its habitat, and have discovered the key to its power, which lies in its biochemical properties. The Guerlain researchers have succeeded in isolating and extracting the orchid’s magical formula to create the Orchidée Impérial skincare line which promotes cell longevity and regeneration. It “turns back cellular time” to restore skin its youthful elasticity.

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