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LUXOS uncovers the jewels of luxury skincare through the use of precious metals and stones

by 26 April 2010

The Queen’s platinum crown is revered for its sparkle and shine, but its value reaches beyond a surface sheen. For centuries, precious metals and stones have been used as effective beauty aids.

The most renowned of these is gold, beloved by Cleopatra, the ancient Romans and the queen of the Ch’ing dynasty. Prized for its anti-ageing powers, it carries oxygen to the skin, accelerating cell regeneration, restoring elasticity and diminishing fine lines.

Guerlain is a maison that has always been inspired by gold in its products, and its Terra Ora collection is no exception. This tanning powder is enclosed in a black wood Guerlain casket in a limited edition, with the Terra Ora seal, a large mirror, and a magnetic closing device. The package also contains a Terracotta Kabuki brush, useful for applying the powder to face and neck, for a beautiful golden glow.

Chanel's new Sublimage is based on a golden flower, Vanilla planifolia, which contains a polyketone juice and heterosides that alleviate the effects of ageing, optimizing moisturization, firmness, radiance and skin tone.

Dior Prestige is a restructuring cream that reshapes contours and curves, leaving skin very smooth and radiant.

For these products, communications and products are all about gold. Some product releases from previous years take the concept further, and incorporate gold and precious stones into their recipes.

For example, Carita packs three types of the alloy into its Perfect Gold Serum and La Crème Parfait. Estée Lauder infuses its toning Re Nutriv Intensive Softening Lotion with gilded elemental flecks that eliminate impurities, balancing skin and leaving it exceptionally soft and smooth. For extra indulgence, Chantecaille’s Nano Gold Energizing Cream unites gold with silk to recharge, rebuild and preserve the complexion. Meanwhile, the UMO 24-carat Gold Facial combines the precious metal’s detoxifying, firming and rejuvenating properties into one potent treatment.

Equally cherished by ancient royalty, pearls have a beauty reputation dating back to 625 A.D., when the youth-obsessed Chinese empress Wu Ze Tian both ingested and applied the shining spheres. Modern science confirms that pearls’ unique natural properties increase skin regeneration by strengthening its outer barrier and stimulating collagen production, attributes present in the Själ Pearl Enzyme Exfoliating Mask. The mask’s crushed pearls gently exfoliate while micro-pearl extracts increase clarity. Additional enzymes, multi-fruit acids and a smattering of gemstones—including the legendary blue sapphire from the Himalayan Mountains of Kashmir—promote vibrational balance and luminosity.

And unlike other brands, this one is dedicated: every product in the holistic Själ line embraces the power of precious metals and gems. Integrating age-old Tibetan wisdom with modern biotechnology, beautifiers come infused with a valuable potpourri to balance both skin and chakras.

Suitably, Bvlgari has also introduced a jewel-only cosmetic collection: Gem Essence, which combines citrine, malachite, blue sapphire and red tourmaline micronized powders and liquid extracts. The resulting creams and cleansers nourish skin, restore lost luminosity and protect against premature aging. For the most powerful precious punch, try Sérum de Lumière, which contains the premium level of Gem Essence.

Those looking to take beauty luxury to a new level apply platinum, earth’s rarest metal. Said to have arrived two billion years ago in a meteor shower, it has a unique ability to bond with skin cells and impart anti-aging and stabilising effects. La Prairie has harnessed these assets in its Cellular Platinum Rare Crème, which balances, hydrates and protects skin’s natural DNA repair mechanisms.

Finally, for diamond lovers Crème de la Mer offers The Refining Facial and The Body Refiner. Mixing pure diamond dust with sea quartz and tourmaline, these prized products exfoliate, smooth, brighten and tone. And - according to the ancient practice of Ayurveda - diamonds also stimulate prana, the body’s life force, which combats premature aging. Proving that, when it comes to skin, diamonds – and gold, platinum, pearls and gems - truly are a girl’s (and man’s) best friend.

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