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Hi-tech cosmetics target ageing skin and regenerate it from the inside out

by 02 April 2010

Environmental issues are some of the most hotly discussed topics this year among many nations. We are prompted to think a little harder about how we use our energy, how we affect our natural surroundings and what we can do to cause less damage. For the health- and environment-conscious, Nature does have all the answers we need. Luxury skincare brands are turning to Mother Nature for solutions to healthier and younger skin, and their advanced technology has produced these amazing products for Luxos readers.

Marine Miracle
Chronic inflammation, UV radiation and free radicals are some of the factors that cause premature aging. The Max Huber Research Labs, which created the famous La Mer Miracle Broth, has now come up with the new Regenerating Ferment. It is a derivative of the stem cells of the marine plant Eryngium Maritimum, and is produced with a fermentation process similar to the one that makes the Miracle Broth. The Regnerating Serum contains marine peptide ferment, colloidal gold, anti-oxidant limo tea, and of course, La Mer’s Miracle Broth. While this signature ingredient softens the skin for instantaneous relief, the Regenerating Ferment stimulates cell renewal. Both immediate and long-term results can be seen and felt when using the lightweight Regerating Serum.

Through the Grapevine
The prestigious vineyards in Yquem have been producing excellent wines over the past 400 years. The Dior Innovation Centre discovered that there was much more hidden in this exceptional soil in France. Vines protect their stems and shoots under a woody skin. In particular, ten molecules of the polyphenols family have been extracted from the shoot of the Sauvignon variety with regenerative and antioxidant qualities that were previously unimaginable. The result is the luxurious L’Or de Vie collection. With just the right combination of the cire active’s solid and liquid lipids which are so similar to the skin’s own natural lipids, L’Or de Vie La Crème Riche stimulates cell renewal and strengthens the skin’s ability to protect itself from environmental stress. Exceptionally comfortable to apply without being greasy, L’Or de Vie is not only effective during treatment, but should also continue its effect for a month afterwards.

Wonders of Innovation
As the skin ages, it gets dry and the contour of the face starts to change, in addition to the appearance of wrinkles. The Cosmetics Research Department of Bulgari targets these two major problems with the Merveilleuse Line. An active ingredient called Nutri-Restore Complex produces ceramides that have the same structure of the skin, thus stimulating it to produce its own natural ceramides. The line offers three products: Elixir Merveilleux, Baume Merveilleux, and Regard Merveilleux. Each of them targets a specific problem of the skin. When used together, the Merveilleux treatment provides all-round care to the aging skin. What’s more is that dry skin is immediately comforted with nourishing ingredients such as camelina oil, macadamia oil and sahku butter.

Rare Treasure
Those looking to take beauty luxury to a new level apply platinum, earth’s rarest metal. Said to have arrived two billion years ago in a meteor shower, it has a unique ability to bond with skin cells and impart anti-aging and stabilising effects. La Prairie has harnessed these assets in its Cellular Platinum Rare Crème, which balances, hydrates and protects skin’s natural DNA repair mechanisms.

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