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by 24 March 2010

Long lost perfumes reinvented, with infinite lightness
Twenty years ago, Lancôme created a unique perfume which became a legend of haute parfumerie: Trésor. A scent that provides a fragrant hallmark for precious moments, Trésor has always embodied true love’s infinite nuances.

Today, Lancôme presents Trésor in Love and begins a new story; a story of love blossoming at the very heart of Paris; a liberated spirit of romance conveyed by floral notes...

Radiating subtlety and light, this new Lancôme fragrance delicately expresses the feelings of today’s young women in love.

Ready to seize a love that cannot wait. Determined to live for the moment. Free to love, without compromise.

Resplendent and light-hearted, Trésor in Love's feminine hero loves with a disarming spontaneity. Her youthful elegance is the key to her irresistibility. Graceful and mischievous, she radiates sensuality, seducing with her mind and conquering with her charm. Playing on her infinite femininity, she skillfully incarnates the most seductive of sirens.

Trésor in Love evokes the irresistible “joie de vivre” of a young woman in love. A smoldering gaze for an imminent encounter… in an irresistibly beautiful Paris.

Paris here, there, as a constant setting. When love and fate come into play. A shimmering, tingling, pulsing emotion… It seems inevitable that they will meet, she and the man destined to join her.

The city of lights has the power to bring them together. “Paris is not so large for those joined by so strong a love”… The irresistible lightness of a romance à la Française, a heart beating wildly in romantic Paris…

Trésor in Love provides the fragrance of these incomparable moments, when life offers infinite possibilities, and when destiny must simply be obeyed.

A Light-filled Bottle with soft, slender lines
An infinitely desirable object, the slender Trésor in Love bottle radiates resolutely modern energy, like an essence of today.

Boasting ultra-feminine, elongated lines, it reinterprets the curved corners of the original Trésor bottle with a new, subtle modernity.
A must-have, this contemporary adaptation of the unique Trésor design draws inspiration from its legendary status as an emblem of French Haute Parfumerie since 1952. An elaborately carved object, sculpted with precision, it is brimming with history and charm.

A black satin rose adorns the neck of the bottle like a lucky charm, adding a touch of sensuality. The roses are handmade and turn every bottle into a unique, utterly desirable object.

Ultra-luminous, the coloured essence can be glimpsed through the bottle, in a fresh pink colour reminiscent of naked skin. The rush of emotion on flushed cheeks.

A Sensual floral scent with fruity harmonies
What if Trésor was reinterpreted with complete freedom? What if you could compose, as if on a blank page, a modern vision of the Trésor legend?

Lancôme entrusted this exceptional task to two extremely talented perfume formulators - Dominique Ropion and Véronique Nyberg. And so Trésor in Love was born. A unique combination of authentic perfume oils and designer perfume formulas that generate an original and enticing fragrance, this new cooperation heightens Trésor’s classic olfactory signature and unforgettable rose-infused fragrance.

“Trésor in Love clearly echoes the original spirit of Trésor, the classic perfume. Its signature rose middle notes are, of course, still essential, but while Trésor is an oriental floral fragrance, Trésor in Love is a much fruitier version. We wanted to create a crisp, light-filled fragrance that simply becomes modernity,” said Dominique Ropion and Véronique Nyberg.

Both luminous and vibrant, sensual and radiant, Trésor in Love is a soaring hymn to love. With authentic perfume oils of nectarine, wood and cedar, the characteristic rose and resplendent jasmine complete this modern, precisely orchestrated fragrance.

Trésor in Love begins with a fruity, radiant and intensely feminine blend: notes of nectarine, bergamot and tangy pear, warmed by a spicy sprinkling of pink peppercorn. Subtle hints of peach and violet envelop the harmony in a powdery softness.
The floral middle notes follow, a subtle and ethereal accord of petals, a dewy-fresh crystal bouquet composed around jasmine and Turkish rose essence.

Pulsating and vibrant, the fragrance’s base notes fuse with a wild woods perfume and musk, providing a clear and modern vertical resonance which punctuates the perfume. This new more rhythmic and contrasted harmony embodies Trésor with lightness.

Trésor in Love is delightfully delicate on skin, leaving the heart free to love à la Française...

An Exceptional Collection
Lancôme Trésor In Love is available in three bottles: 30, 50 or 75 ml.

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25 March, 2010