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Acqua di Parma's second fragrance is one of the great celebrity perfumes

by 06 October 2009

Creamy white petals like candy floss clouds on an August afternoon, to the touch they emulate the most luxuriant velvet: magnolias have long been held as the most aristocratic of scents. Precious, refined and alluring – Magnolia di Nobile is the fragrance that takes you to another plane; the perfect complement to the sophisticated lady who lives her life with intensity and style.

The bottle created for Aqua di Parma’s new Nobile range – which takes its inspiration from the secluded and exclusive gardens of the most majestic Italian villas: a secret world that is magical, intoxicating and nirvana-like – has a gilded lid and hand-applied gold label with the signature marigold-coloured presentation giving way to a creamy white base that pays reverence to this most ethereal of flowers. Magnolia di Nobile is the line’s much-anticipated second scent, inspired by the gardens of Lake Como, where the noble flower is the glory of this tranquil waterside paradise.

The eponymous flower is accented by a sumptuous bouquet combining precious, transparent notes with soft enveloping tones. The scent reveals surprisingly warm and woody nuances through the crystalline tones of bergamot, lemon and citron, in a harmonious elixir of rose, jasmine and tuberose on a base of sandalwood, patchouli, vetiver and vanilla. Magnolia di Nobile embodies a woman’s grace and vitality, remedies her highly-paced life and encapsulates her spirit and her heart. Acqua di Parma’s Le Nobili collection is a masterpiece, capturing the refined elegance so synonymous with this revered brand, which hits the perfect note in luxury fragrance with inimitable panache.

Acqua di Parma have built their success on the ancient tradition of perfumery, with all the stills, blending equipment, the dried ingredients found in perfumes and super concentrated fragrance oil , perfume evaporation studies - in short, a vast heritage of knowledge mastered by perfume formulators. The Nobile range must surely be one of the top perfumes of all time - far removed from the curiosity perfume blends that all too often appear amongst womens perfumes.

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