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Luxos talks to Gabriella Scarpa, group CEO, and discovers the company mission

by 02 July 2009

What is Acqua di Parma’s philosophy?
Founded almost one hundred years old ago, Acqua di Parma’s three most important traits are: Made in Italy, Tradition and Coherence. It is a complete lifestyle brand expressing Italian savoir-vivre and savoir-faire. The best of Italian lifestyle, a passion for beauty, an acute eye for details and contemporary luxury inspire Acqua di Parma and its values.

What makes Acqua di Parma stand out in the world of “Made in Italy”?
Acqua di Parma is by definition an Italian lifestyle brand. From the beginning, Acqua di Parma has been identified as an haut de gamme product, and our production has always been based in Italy with the highest quality. For example, our fragrances are still distilled entirely by hand, the packaging is still designed and hand-made by skilled craftsmen and experts using the same time-honoured methods for the past century. Our experts and perfume formulators are familiar with perfumes types, dried ingredients found in perfumes, super concentrated fragrance oils, perfume evaporation studies and all of that vast heritage that makes up the womens perfume sector. In this area, “Made in Italy” is synonymous with excellence, and Acqua di Parma is founded on this excellence.

What is Acqua di Parma’s most important collection?
Every single product is important to us, because it represents the world of Acqua di Parma. I’d say Colonia is our most iconic line. Over the years, Acqua di Parma has expanded its range with the Home Fragrance Collection; the Leather Collection, created entirely by hand to last a lifetime; the Collezione Barbiere, shaving products and accessories; the Blu Mediterraneo and Blu Mediterraneo Italian Resort lines, fragrances and cosmetics inspired by the Italian Mediterranean. Colonia also has a Courtesy Range, found in the world’s most exclusive hotel suites.

What are Acqua di Parma’s newest developments?
One of the most important projects this year has been the opening of the very first Blu Mediterraneo SPA at Yacht Club Costa Smeralda in Porto Cervo, Sardinia. This spa marks the beginning of a series of new openings around the world.

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