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The first internationally successful beauty brand from the Arab world.

by 30 June 2009

Shiffa was launched in 2004 by Dr Lamees, a native of Dubai, who was dissatisfied with commercial skin care products and believed that today’s beauty brands were not beneficial to the skin. Dr Lamees created Shiffa, a superior line of organic luxury skin care and spa products developed with an undertone of exotic ancient Arabia.

Translated from Arabic, the word Shiffa means “healing” or “to heal”. In creating the brand, Dr Lamees was inspired by ancient Arabia where bathing with oils was a remedy for health and wellbeing. Dr Lamees, a Doctor of Dermatology, traveled tirelessly throughout the Indian sub-continent and the Far East to source ingredients, and gain a unique perspective of the interesting cultures and natural healing methods. Dr Lamess efforts were rewarded by the success of the line.

In 2005 she won the prestigious His Excellency Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Award for both “Best Business Women” and “Best Young Business”.

“At Shiffa, being natural and organic is something we believe in, but most importantly, we want to be as effective as possible in delivering results – that is our primary aim.” says Dr Lamees of her brand. Shiffa is a scientifically based product, developed and produced to the highest standard. From the actual product to the packaging, the Shiffa line incorporates potent natural extracts and ingredients, and does not compromise on quality. Speaking on the onslaught of pollutants we are daily subjected to, Dr Lamees said; “Our bodies are extremely effective at dealing with pollutants, but in this day and age, where we have pollutants in the air we breathe, additives and chemicals in the food we eat, the water we drink, etc, we are ex-hausting our bodies own defense mechanism. That is why I believe at least the products we use on our face and body should not add to this chemical onslaught.”

Shiffa prides itself on being freshly hand-made and not mass-produced, making it a niche exclusive brand, only available at luxury retailers, apothecaries and at superior spas. Spa treatments are customised to suit the needs of each spa, and Shiffa is considered a “Haute Couture” of spa treatments.

Find Shiffa at luxury spas: Amara, Park Hyatt Dubai Spa Intercontinental Dubai Six Senses Spas in Doha and Oman
Shiffa products are also available in the U.S.: The Peninsula Beverly Hills Trump Spas Chicago and Las Vegas.

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