The Bulgari Gem essence, using the energy of precious stones Featured

A skincare range with extracts of sapphire, malachite, tourmaline and citrine.

by 02 June 2009

Bulgari are exploiting their gemmological expertise by employing another fundamental aspect of precious stones - their benefit to the skin. With technological breakthroughs fuelling the demand in new skincare rituals, Bulgari took a bold and avant-garde approach. To develop their debut product range, they created the Cosmetic Research Department of Bulgari, based in Switzerland.

After five years of extensive research they had their revolutionary formula, Bulgari Gem Essence, rich with extracts of sapphire, malachite, tourmaline and citrine.

Using their cutting edge technology they had managed to unlock the natural properties of the gemstones which have long been known to be an elixir to the skin. The positive energy they released has been harnessed in each of their products to improve microcirculation of the skin, restoring radiance.

Another discovery was the presence of oligoelements, which are also naturally present in human skin. These minerals help balance the skin and minimise the damage from free radicals, pollution, aging and stress. Within each of the product lines, the benefits are distinctly tailored to speak to the modern woman.

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