Estée Lauder



09 April 2013

Besides a healthy diet high on fruit and veggies, the secret to keeping your skin youthful and fresh is to make sure it stays absolutely and profoundly clean. Yet not all soaps and cleansers are the same, and some can even be far too harsh and damage delicate facial skin instead, causing unsightly blemishes and worse, pre-mature ageing!
Estée Lauder is a brand that is synonymous with the best in cosmetics and behind each product the company launches is a team of researchers, biologists and doctors to ensure that whatever touches your skin will only make it, and you, more beautiful.

This spring Estée Lauder introduces the New Perfectly Clean Collection, a line of five cleansers fortified with the New 3C Purity Complex, that soothes, balances and moisturises, leaving skin looking and feeling healthy and squeaky clean! Each of the refreshingly scented formulae is designed to work for all skin types as well as being multi-functional (cleanser and mask for example), making them a must not only at home but indispensable when you’re globetrotting around the world.

Love your skin, love yourself, cleanse it with care!