New Miss Dior Le Parfum scent honours Raf Simons



11 September 2012

- Dior Parfums has enlisted the expertise of perfumer François Demachy as House Nose since 1996. Under his watch we've seen lovely fragrances like J'Adore, Dior Addict and Miss Dior flourish. To celebrate the entrance of Raf Simons and his first show as the maison's Head Couturier, Demachy has created the latest member of the Miss Dior family, Miss Dior Le Parfum. Dior Magazine interviewed him to shed some light on the newest addition. Here are some of our favourite pieces from the interview:

How many new versions of Miss Dior have you created?
I brought my vision to l'Eau de Parfum, and composed l'Eau de Toilette, Eau Fraîche, and the most recent variation Le Parfum. My intention was to create a harmony throughout the whole Miss Dior range by being careful to only chose the most exemplary quality of Indonesian patchouli, which is the extraordinary plant that gives the perfume its chypre signature.

What is the olfactory characteristic of this version of Miss Dior?
With the chypre accord of the original Miss Dior perfume, created in 1947, as a starting point, the notes that make up the oriental accord, in particular the patchouli, the vanilla and the sandalwood have been intensified.

How does it fit into the great Miss Dior story?
Miss Dior forms part of the house's foundations. It's the perfume of a young Parisienne, seen by Dior. An elegant young woman full of vitality, but she's also a seductive woman. Her character has evolved, she's more intense, revealing greater sophistication.

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