Aramis Impeccable - black tie fragrance


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02 August 2012

Aramis was a pioneer in men's fragrance when it was launched in 1964, the first men's scent to be sold in department stores. Since then, the brand launched other fragrances, such as Aramis 900. Devin, JHL, Havana and others, but the original is still a favourite worldwide.

The brand recently launched Aramis Impeccable, formulated as the ideal scent for a man whose charisma is generated by strength and self-confidence. Someone who is equally at home in the office, at home, wearing a dinner jacket, or on the red carpet.
It achieves it by combining the classic masculine fragrance of Aramis, and giving it a note of extra freshness. A rich Moroccan cedar-wood essence is given hints of mystery and freshness by note of black pepper, juniper berry and citrus zest. The packaging recalls black tie wear, with classic golden lettering that makes reference to the prestige Aramis tradition.

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