Estée Lauder's grandaughter starts her own empire



18 May 2012

Moving out from under the shadows...Aerin Lauder, grandaughter to the founder of global beauty giant Estée Lauder, is branching out with her very own eponymous luxury lifestyle brand: Aerin LLC. Still under the Estée Lauder umbrella, the company will debut new lines such as The Aerin Essentials Collection and a Beauty range to follow later this year.

When asked about her goals for the new collections, Lauder spoke about the importance of natural beauty, "It’s very much a lifestyle brand, which I think is very much how Estée started. It was always about lifestyle photography and an environment and a world. It’s not necessarily an age group — it’s a state of mind." Lauder projects that women in 30 through 50 demographic will be the brand's core clients.


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