Natalie Portman on movies and mascara



13 April 2012

Dior Beauty spokeswoman Natalie Portman is in Paris promoting her new charitable campaign collaboration with the maison. Portman sat down with journalists at Hôtel Plaza Athénée to sound off on a variety of topics starting with how Dior runs in the family. The actress described how her grandmother and mother both have a penchant for adding a dash of Christian Dior cosmetics before leaving the house. "My grandmother will not leave the house without perfect hair and perfect makeup and her splash of perfume. And my mom is really so much more functional and just really, really natural in her style,” she shared.

When it comes to film, Natalie says makeup can make all the difference for how she embraces a role, “it really helps you get into a character to look different than you normally do... in ‘Black Swan, to look in the makeup mirror and see that I looked evil, with these crazy contacts in, the crazy makeup, definitely transports you to a different place." In real life, the actress prefers to keep it simple, “And in personal life, like all women, I want to feel natural, not like I have a mask on, but also like a heightened version of my natural self,” continued Portman. “So to have a splash of lipstick for night, or some DiorShow mascara makes my eyes look more open. It’s a fun way to feel more glamorous.”


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