Chanel - too blue for school



02 April 2012

Where grooming is concerned, a girl can NEVER overlook her hands! Like an open diary, it can tell a woman's most deepest darkest secrets such as age, lifestyle and character. Chipped nailpolish is by no means attractive and shows a lack in self-love and appreciation. So girls, regardless of a hectic schedule, try to find 30 minutes out of the day to buff, prime and paint your nails according to the week's outfits. Invest in a good nail polish such as Chanel as you are sure it won't chip for at least one week and also you will have that 'feel good' luxurious factor everytime you shake somebody's hand or simply look down at your hands while typing on your computer at work. Chanel has recently released its Les Jeans de Chanel collection, fasntastic hues of blues for the spring season which are also perfect for a work or evening ensemble. in life, sometimes it really is little things like good nailpolish that can make all the difference! 

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