Balenciaga L'Essence

by 21 November 2011

Balenciaga has recently launched the brand's latest fragrance for women, L'Essence of Balenciaga.

"I'm reviewing a fragrance. Balenciaga Paris," says Nicolas Ghesquière, the Creative Director at Balenciaga, "I want to reveal its essential nature. A fragrance is like a cut and it can linger endlessly. A fragrance unveils a new story, you must always reconsider the past to discover something new."

L'Essence is impulsive and absolutely unmistakable. It opens with violet leaves that offer their exquisite roughness, merging with a hint of vetiver for a touch of wildness and rebellion. It is undoubtedly a feminine fragrance, it charms and dazzles with its unique combinations. As Ghesquière describes, "greens are traditionally male fragrances. But the key to Balenciaga Paris is based on the violet leaves. I wanted to use these as inspiration, almost a dramatic contrast for women."

The bottle follows the iconic look of most Balenciaga perfumes. The male-female contrasts continue in the masculine tones of metallic green, giving yet further allure and fascination to the fragrance, mysterious and sensual.

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