Stemcell presents a new era for skin care


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23 August 2011

As scientists continue to search for new anti-ageing treatments, research and skin care products are developing constantly. The latest innovations have been the use of stem cells in cosmetic products. Though this is certainly not a new trend, it is interesting to understand why more and more companies have turned to stem cells as an answer to ageing.

Swiss experts at Stemcell Bioresearch have thoroughly analyzed the benefits of plant stem cells in cosmetic products and have proposed a solution to the wrinkle problem. They present a line of products which feature lotus flower stem cells. The lotus has been known throughout the ages as a symbol of creation and rebirth. In a scientific context, it has an extremely high concentration of active molecules which are responsible for cell regeneration, itself the key to any anti-ageing treatment. Skin ages or loses elasticity as our cells slow down. Stemcell products offer a boost to reactivate these cells, hence renewing our skin.

For best results Stemcell has carefully created different products to trigger specific cells in the face and body. These products are so precise that they must be carefully selected according to the user's 'apparent' age. This is due to the different quantity of stem cells included in each product: the older the person the higher the stem cell concentration needed to restore activity to your cells. Stemcell offers a broad range of products that include Body Cream, Hand Cream, Cellulite Cure Gel, Cleansing Milk, Eye-Lip Contour, and the specialized Cell Constructor I-II and III. 

They have also introduced their Paradise Line which offers the highest concentration (25%) of lotus flower stem cells to re-energize your cells and give you immediately younger, brighter skin.

These products are available in select perfumeries all over.

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