Greenland presents a daily dose of fruits and flowers

by 07 March 2011

For over twenty years, Greenland have been using organic plant-based ingredients extracted from plants that are grown naturally in a pesticide-free environment.

Born in the Netherlands in 1991, Greenland features 100% natural skincare products, safe for humans and the environment. The brand is highly motivated at safeguarding our planet: in fact, their philosophy can be summed up in three words: research, design and professionalism. In addition to their outstanding results in research and professionalism, Greenland has won three major awards for its packaging which is completely inline with their philosophy. And now, currently exported to more than 35 countries, Greenland is ready to enter the world market.

Greenland recently arrived in Italy, and it brings its five first "Family" fruits, testimonials to their strengths: Pure & White, Less = More, Fruit Emotion, Milky and Fruit Extracts.

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