Christmas at Guerlain

by 15 November 2010

As present as ever, the bee becomes the emblem of a luminous, golden Christmas collection rich in delicate ornaments and precious motifs. Steeped in historic symbols and enveloped in magic, Guerlain make-up enhances this enchanting period in which all women dream of being a queen for one evening. To make these festive hours entrancing, the beauty accessories transform into rare jewels, objects of desire that seem gilded with fine gold. To give form to the most luxurious desires, powders and shadows are adorned with vibrant colours. A luminous collection infused with mystery and grandeur, touched with radiant seduction.

“Like a goddess, Natalia reveals herself in all her regal beauty. For this photo, under her fine golden covering and with her noble bearing, she dazzles with her transparent gaze. Season after season, I play with a story, an attitude, a certain light. Christmas is the ideal moment for every sophistication, extreme refinement and ephemeral luxury. More than anyone else, Natalia has understood the wonderful advantage that make-up offers each woman: nothing and no one can resist Beauty. She shines with brilliance, radiance, light and softness. Victorious? Certainly. Dazzling? Of course!”

Guerlain has the perfect gift for the 2010 holiday season, OR IMPÉRIAL, a sublime radiant powder for the face and body. With its silky, ethereal texture, this light powder caresses the skin like a breeze, leaving behind a luminous halo with delicately iridescent reflections. Deliciously perfumed with violet, it subtly embellishes the face, body and hair with a shimmering bronze glow. The indispensable seductive advantage to beautify the figure.

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