Luxurious Organic Candles with Effective Holistic Benefits

by 10 November 2010

NEOM Luxury Organics (formerly known as Natural Magic) launched in March 2005 with a range of organic aromatherapy treatment candles. The candles are made using 100% natural ingredients from the special blend of vegetable waxes to the pure aromatherapy oils they are scented with. This means there is no paraffin wax, synthetic scents, scent boosters, black smoke, soot or carcinogens emitted into the atmosphere, the environment or into your lungs.

Each fragrance holds its own holistic qualities providing a ‘treatment within a candle’. Each candle weighs 1kg, has 3 wicks and burns for 55 hours, 30% longer than standard premium candles. They are packaged in beautiful rigid white and gold boxes.

Organic Home Mists are now available in a selection of best selling scents – Relax, Real Luxury, Tranquility, Restore, Refresh, Pure Indulgence, Complete Bliss, Invigorate, Rebalance and Revitalize.

REAL LUXURY (image above) combines lavender, Jasmine and Brazilian Rosewood for you to Pamper Yourself! This best-seller is gentle and soothing with a relaxing floral scent, coupled with spicy tones, and a hint of woodiness for perfect pampering.

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