Abeille Royale - an Exclusive Alchemy to Repair and Reconstruct

by 09 November 2010

The bee plays a vital role in nature’s flora. It is a pollinator and guardian of the environment. It is also the symbol of life and the soul…

Nature’s pharmacist, the bee accompanied mankind since the dawn of time.

Born from the power and specificity of productions of different bee populations selected from the biological honey and royal jelly selection programme, the Pure Royal Concentrate by Guerlain Research is a blend of exclusive elements capable of activating key factors of the skin’s self-repair mechanisms.

Ouessant honey, thyme honey, clover honey from New Zealand, French royal jelly… Each product was tested on factors identified by biological research in order to determine its activity and performance on the skin.

ABEILE ROYALE Youth Serum Firming Lift, Wrinkle Correction is a real formulation feat that reconciles the ir reconcilable: it integrates an incredibly rich content of repairing active ingredients in an “oilin-water” emulsion formula with a super lative sensory experience.

This emulsion serum instantly disappears on the skin surface, envelops it in freshness and leaves only an intangible film on theskin for ultimate comfort. The refreshing effect is ensured by the aqueous phase of the emulsion, providing a sensation of immediate comfort.

At the same time, an adapted lipidic phase with an innovative composition gives the texture an essential protective nutritive function, while allowing for amazing glide-on and absorption properties. The result is an emulsion serum that offers both extreme performance and a sensory experience.

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