Coolest Ventura Future's Exhibitions Photo courtesy of Per Andersen

Coolest Ventura Future's Exhibitions Featured

Ventura Future is back in town and looks better than ever!

by Naomi Vakharia 09 April 2019

This year’s edition marks the 10th anniversary of Ventura Projects and it only makes sense for Ventura Future to be back in the area where it all started, Tortona. Partnering with BASE Milano, the number of artists, installations and events to experience during the next days in Milan may be overwhelming at first but here we are sharing the most precious experiences for you to have. Possibly the most buzzed event across the world right now promises to be as immersive and interactive as ever and we are beyond excited to tell you all about the coolest things to do in Milan from April 9 to the 14th. So stay connected and tag us along the way, we would love to hear from you!

Unusual Materials

Studio Ludovico

From the Finnish Institution, Studio Ludovico comes an innovative and out-of-the-ordinary technique of using sugar as the basis of its materials. Its founder, Alves Ludovico, draws inspiration from his relationship with sugar to create this material creation. A diabetic, Ludovico uses a laser to create a bioplastic from a sintered sugar-based mixture, the result is called supersweetpolymer. His main piece to keep an eye out for is entitled, Sugar O’Clock. The name alludes to the fact that diabetes often dictates how one’s time and activities are managed. Overall this exhibition not only screams innovation but evokes meaningful conversations about diabetes in society and the day-to-day battles of a diabetic that often get overlooked.

ludovico article picPhoto Courtesy of Alves Ludovico


The Object Makers

Made up of over 100 students from the Danish design school, Krabbesholm Højskole, this collective focused solely on the use of one material: 10 mm twin-wall polycarbonate. This group of students worked together in an inclusive workshop that took over their academy for an entire week last fall. While the physical focus was on this one material, the objective of the overall workshop was to investigate the boundaries between the collective group and individual artists, with an aim to make the relationship between two techniques more fluid. The impressive workshop and its sole focus led to the inclusion of eleven pieces which will be on display at the exhibition.

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Creative Sustainability

MIT Integrated Design and Management

Packaging and sustainability. These are two of the hottest topics in sustainable innovation. Pulling inspiration from this trend, Jiani Zeng’s DUAL, is a concept that focuses on limiting unnecessary waste. Specifically, the soap packaging consists of liquid soap being packaged inside solid soap. This encourages the user to use the solid soap packaging after finishing the liquid hand wash. This concept of unnecessary consumer waste was also reflected in Enis Akiev’s work in transforming pastiglomerate into natural tiles, which questions the traditional end to a product’s life.

jiani zeng article picPhoto Courtesy of Jiani Zeng

Nick Boers

Nick Boers questions mankind’s inclination to manufacture nature with his return to Ventura Future. Sparking a debate on the sustainability of the planet, he showcases organic sponges but makes a bold statement by colouring them to mirror the popular Scotch Brite cleaning sponge. Focusing on the earth as an autonomous being, this exhibition encourages the viewer to ask the harder questions about consumer behavior and its impact on both business and sustainability.

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Exploring International Culture


Combining feminism, history, and politics, the design studio Molenore showcases the work of Hypatia of Alexandria. The exhibition, Nomen Oblitum, focuses on the stories of female figures from all eras who were suppressed in an attempt to maintain the male-dominated societal values during their lives. Hypatia of Alexandria was a mathematician, philosopher, and astronomer who was not only murdered, but robbed of her legacy after her life’s work vanished. Paying homage to Hypatia, the exhibition features her legacy through a parabolic bookshop that alludes to her work and contributions in her field.

molenore article picPhoto Courtesy of Molenore Studio

Rhode Island School of Design

Focused on understanding the role of cultural identity in contemporary design, thirteen students from the Rhode Island School of Design’s Department of Furniture Design collaborated with international brands in this research studio. The students partnered with Mabeo Furniture, a Botswana-based brand and drew inspiration from African cultures, which is reflected in their work. The final products includes an installation that speaks on the biases and stereotypes found in society reflected through uncomfortable seating surfaces.

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