Macau: Redesigning the City Featured

Come for the casinos, stay for the art.

by LUXOS Editorial 27 March 2019

Only a hop, skip, and jump away from Hong Kong’s annual Art Basel (March 29-31), Macau’s design scene is quickly gaining momentum. The Macau Designers Association, a non-profit organisation composed of artists and designers, creates beautiful pieces to promote art and culture in Macau.

Almost twenty years after the Association’s inaugural Macau Design Biennale, it purchased an abandoned building in Areia Preta to create its centre. The association founded the Macau Design Centre, the city’s first multi-functioning building whose aim is to foster Macau’s creative community.

macau dc

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The building consists of five stories, including a Rooftop Garden, and is a multi-purpose centre. While a majority of the building is occupied by local designers as studios, the other purposes of the building include a public viewing sector, shops, cafes, meeting spaces, and gardens to enjoy a moment of peace. Local favorites include MDC’s Cafe and its “Tea for Two” menu option, a perfect item to share with a friend while discussing art and culture. The centre invites the public to enjoy its space in every aspect, from eating noodles to reading books in the mezzanine or enjoying outdoor activities in the Rooftop Garden- there is always something to see or do in the Design centre.


The defining factor of Macau’s design scene is the local nature of its network. The Association and art centre focuses on extending its reach to the international community to assist local designers and companies. However, there is still a strong tie to its roots in Macau as the organisation is fuelled by its motto: “Good Macau Design, Design a Good Macau.” The organisation and its art actively focuses on improving the city and elevating local communities.

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The Design Centre is not only a source for local designers to gain inspiration from, but has become a community staple. The Association has extended itself into Macau culture and is redefining its landscape. Gaining momentum in the international art community, this centre is worth the visit.


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