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What to expect from Art Basel in Hong Kong

by Naomi Vakharia 28 March 2019

As Art Basel kicks off, the art scene is likely to take you by storm. The Hong Kong leg of this international series of art shows consists of Asian-inspired art that combines historical, political, and cultural influences with new artistic techniques that reimagine traditional methods in a contemporary style. With over 200 galleries expected, the art show will have a massive range of art mediums, artistic styles and influences, and the artists themselves. From contemporary paintings to abstract sculptures, every piece has a unique story to tell.

With so many artists and galleries to look out for, we narrowed down the top three to pay attention to.

Galerie Du Monde

With two post-war inspired movements at the centre of this gallery, Galerie du Monde is one to seek out amongst the bustle of Art Basel. The two major pieces reworked traditional Chinese ink art to recreate the Postwar eras in Asia. Specifically, the pieces focus on 1950s Taiwan and 1970s Hong Kong. These pieces breathe life into their work and transform a millennia-old art technique to a contemporary art movement.

du monde

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Galerie Greta Meert

Questioning tradition and redefining the meaning of technique is not limited to Asian-style methods. Artist Pieter Vermeersch combines abstract art with chiaroscuro, two opposing artistic styles to create an unforgettable approach to art. Galerie Greta Meert consists of an eclectic collection of art that is sure to have you question the very nature of art methodology.





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Galerie Max Hetzler

An up-and-coming niche in the art community is the rise of female British sculptors. The centrepiece of the show, the works of female sculptors defines Galerie Max Hetzler. With a spotlight on Rebecca Warren, viewers can expect to analyse how stability and perversion meet in her artwork. Pulling from Disney characters, pottery-like texture, and Rococo erotica, Warren creates a unique, sculptural experience.


max hetzler gallery


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