Popular superstition - calling All Parakavidekatriaphobics*


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30 June 2010

... (*That's People Afraid of Friday the 13th to you and me!) and those with other common superstitions.

Friday 13th phobics beware this August 2010, as sceptical staff at the Edinburgh and York Dungeons aim to prove once and for all that there's nothing unlucky about Friday the 13th. They're planning a mass superstition-bashing event on the dreaded day and want as many people as possible to join in what they claim will be 'the most comprehensive de-bunk of silly superstitions ever staged!'

For that extra bit of encouragement, the first 50 visitors to each Dungeon to break a superstition will gain free entry.

The experiment will begin the moment visitors walk into the Dungeons - under a huge ladder, past a set of upside-down horseshoes and across the path of a black cat. Once inside people will be asked to join staff for a mass indoor umbrella-opening before witnessing the spilling of a giant barrel of salt.

Dungeon manager Iain Scouller (Edinburgh) and Dan Millward (Performance Supervisor, York) will be smashing full-size mirrors while other volunteers will be asked to cross repeatedly on a flight of steps. A veritable history of superstitions - starting from the classic Friday the 13th superstitions.

"Generally we're going to try and defy every kind of bad luck superstition associated with Friday the 13th at the same time," explains Iain.
"We want to show the world how to laugh in the face of superstition and prove once and for all that it's nothing more than a collection of meaningless old wives' tales.

"And even if we are wrong then at least we're going to be spectacularly wrong!" he adds.

Would-be visitors feeling lucky should visit http://www.thedungeons.com or call +44(0)1904-632599 (York Dungeon) or +44(0)131-240-1001 (Edinburgh Dungeon) for further information.